Kaylie’s Opinion:My opinion on war is that war takes lives and doesn’t help anyone. We should all find a different way to solve stuff instead of getting involved in war. I think all wars should end and that we should find peace so that nobody loses their lives.

           Mckenna’s Opinion:In my opinion it is a plus that there was a war because war gave us freedom.

Dylan’s Opinion:My opinion on war is that it is a terrible thing and instead of fighting we should find a different way to settle it. War should be turned into peace instead because I believe it is a waste of everyone’s time.

Ananda’s Opinion:My opinion on war is simple, war is wack, and stupid. It makes no sense at all, there is no reason for war except making no world peace, and killing the men and women who risked their lives over words that made someone mad

We all have different opinions on war some people say war is good because it gave us freedom and some say it is wack and stupid.They say that we don’t have to have war and we should settle it in a different and kinder way. Some also say that it just takes life’s.

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