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5 th graders will be creating a book on Colonial America

When the 5th grade returns they will be researching Colonial Life in America. Students will write a 1-2 page research paper about the following subject areas and  be required to credit their sources.

Students area of research will be as follows:
Create a book on Colonial America

  1. Issaah      Colonial Jobs and Businesses
  2. Terry        Educational Opportunities
  3. Landis      WHY people came to the new world
  4. Sydni        Religious beliefs
  5. Ian           Colonial Weapons
  6. Jon           Diseases and medicines
  7. Alma        How Indians and settlers reacted to each other
  8. Brianna     How slaves lived
  9. Jenna      Colonial games and entertainment
  10. Morgan   Family structure, age of marriage, # of children, responsibilities
  11. Ryen       Farm Life
  12. Madison  Communication with family in other settlements, mail??
  13. Tanner    Reading materials
  14. Arianna   Foods people ate and grew
  15. Dylan      Colonial tools
  16. Kyle        How colonies protected colonists from fires, robbery, safety, fears
  17. J. S          Adult and children clothing
  18. Leah        Personal hygiene in colonial days
  19. Elias        Money and how people paid for things
  20. Trevor     Colonists came from what countries

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Regions of the United States

Dear 4th graders,

Listed below is your assignment for the United States Regions.

Essential question: Why do people choose to live in certain regions of the United States?

You will be required to complete:

  1. A KWL chart
  2. A PowerPoint presentation.
  3. A brochure on your favorite state
  4. A Venn Diagram
  5. Two works cited for online and printed sources ( where you give credits for any books or websites you use for information

Links: To assist you find information, use the links below to help you with your research:

Movies: These short movies have great information about each region.

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