Expository Writing Assignment November 2011

Expository writing is non-fiction writing; its purpose is to explain, educate, inform, interpret, or clarify. When you write, you must base your writing on evidence, personal experience or information taken from reliable sources.

Here is your prompt: If you could make changes in your school lunchroom what would they be?

  1. Use a “gotcha” introductory sentence.
  2. Tell at least three things you would change. Add one or two details to each reason.
  3. Make sure you have at least two transitions and one idiom, simile, or metaphor that makes sense with your writing.  (If you can’t think of one “forget it.”)  :-)
  4. Have a conclusion where you restate your prompt.
  5. To check your grammar copy and paste your work into Word. Make corrections, copy and paste into your document.
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Weekly Reader Book Orders :)

Thanks to Tena (Arianna’s mom) we will be able to do book orders  again… Watch for the next book orders coming home in Friday Folders……

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Schoolastic Book Orders

Dear Parents, The students would like to place book orders from Weekly Reader. However, I just cannot seem to find the time to get it done. I am wondering if a parent might want to volunteer to order books about once a month. I have found that it takes about an hour from start to finish. I would be happy to give a mini lesson on how. Please let me know if you are interested.

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Pen Pals

Each year in my class, students are paired up with Senior citizens from the Malley Senior  Center. Cheryl Adamson ( program director) and I have a Pen Pal club between my students and her seniors at the  center.It has been a great program that encourages students to write. Both the seniors and  students are so excited when they hear from each other. Many of the seniors share their experiences and students develop an interest in the past. Many of the seniors send pictures of themselves and their families that may go back 50 + years. Seniors often celebrate holidays and birthdays. I have students who are now in high school and still remain in contact with their pen pals  from 5th  grade.

We always get together at some point in time. The seniors have come to our class and we have gone to the center on a field trip. Usually it is a  luncheon. Today, I promised the students I would post their partners. Tomorrow they will write their first letter to their new pen pals.

Senior Pen Pals

STUDENT                        SENIOR                               Codes
Issaah A                      Penelope White               ***Has two students
Terry James B              Janet Berens                   * Male senior
Landis C                      Marie McCready                Has same 2 students
Sydni G                       Ruth Nickels
Joe H                           Marty Mosman***
Ian H                           Martha Hite***
John H                        May Shaw***
Alma L                        Nancy Conklin
Brianna L                     Marty Mosman***
Jenna L                        Martha Hite***
Morgan M                    Judi Dukat
Ryen  M                       Barbara Merkel
Sean P                         Mercy Stickler
Madison P                   Arleen White***
Tanner P                     May Shaw***
Arianna P R                 Rosemary McGuaig
Dylan P F                    Pat Green
Noah R                       Arleen White***
Kyle R                         Joan Aldretti
Courtney S                 Ardetta Paul
Jonathan S                  Ray Hodson*
Leah T                        Mary Alice White
William U                    Charlotte Bronson***
Elias W                       Charlotte Bronson***
Trevor W                    Bob Alexander*

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Poetry submitted by Kadie


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